27 Nov 2008

Merchandise opened!

This is one way dealing: Click yourself to verkkopaita.com and start leading the new way with Blake's zip hoody or T-shirt. For ladys we'll offer an eye-gatching option, the "Freeride Sister"girly T- shirt!

22 Nov 2008

New forum opened for the discussion about Blake!

We are happy to announce that there is a brand new forum opened for all kinds of chat and discussion about Blake. At the moment there are four different forums to pick:
"SA7URNUS" - Talk about Blakes new album
"GIGS" - Talk about past and upcoming gigs
"GENERAL CHAT" - Chat about anything you want...
" NEWS"- Announcements and news about BLAKE

The link is http://p1.foorumi.info/blake/ and there is a straigh link "Forum" to click from the sidebar also!

20 Nov 2008

Blake's Aaro and Sami visited SubTV's "Rokkikorjaamo"

Mr Aaro Seppovaara and Sami Hassinen from Blake visited the SubTV's interactive music show "Rokkikorjaamo" at Tuesday 25th November. In addition to lively talk about the newest album "Sa7urnus", the audience also testified the worldwide premier of Blake's newest video "More I live"!

The show is now available as webcasted in case you missed the original date. All interviews are in Finnish but the video will start round 4'30''

19 Nov 2008

Reviews of Sa7urnus

The Blake's latest album "Sa7urnus" has received a bunch of positive reviews, here is a sample in english:

"Blake is fine-tuning their approach to bluesy stoner rock and they are really getting some potent and catchy material out of it. It can be argued that Blake is the top dog in the Finnish stoner rock market today, and this album is proff-positive of that."

by Starbuck, Imperiumi.net 19.11.2008

1 Nov 2008

Listen new album "Sa7urnus" at Myspace!

Please visit the Blake's official myspace www.myspace.com/blakeband. Among all the other cool stuff there are all tracks to listen from the newest album "Sa7urnus"!