17 Jun 2009

A new website opened www.blake.fi

Finally we have a fresh website for the band Blake - check them out at www.blake.fi! This blog will be put on hiatus for a while, we will continue with the new site as well as with the www.twitter.com/blaketheband.

27 May 2009

Blake will warm-up AC/DC in Helsinki!

Black Ice found on Saturn?

No, this is not a joke. We are proud to confirm the rumors to be true - Blake is going to warm up AC/DC in Helsinki on June 17th! The venue is Olympic Stadium and the concert is sold out, so there will be a plenty of rockers and rollers, hopefully most of them already at the stadium round 6.30pm, when Blake hits the stage.

It is probably too obvious to mention, that the guys and crew of Blake are more than anxiously waiting for this gig! Since the release of their latest album "Sa7urn" in November 2008, Blake has successfully toured most of the Finnish rock clubs. This gig at the Olympic Stadium will serve as a perfect kick-off to the Blake's festival summer ´09.

AC/DC started its "Black Ice" tour in October and their last visit in Finland was 2001. Blake is happy to testify their appearance again. We'll hope you'll be there too!

..and we are pretty sure that we need to post a little bit more about this gig later!

24 Mar 2009

New gigs at Finland!

During the following months, Blake will continue touring in Finland.

UPDATED 14.5.2009

  • 23.05.2009 Katinkulta Areena/Vuokatti

  • 06.06.2009 Eastrock Bike Meeting/Polvijärvi

  • 18.07.2009 Saimaa Picnic VI / Varpasaari - Imatra

  • 25.07.2009 Qstock/Oulu

Additions and cancellations are possible. Check the latest information from Live Nation!

3 Jan 2009

Blake live at Tavastia 15.1.2009

Blake will continue celebrating the recent album "Sa7urnus" by touring all over Finland during winter 2009. The space rockets are stopping also in Helsinki at the legendary club Tavastia at 15th January 2009.

Tickets 10€ and 8€ in advance from Tiketti.

Check the other tour dates from Live Nation

11 Dec 2008

Blake live at Nosturi 20.12.2008

Blake will have a gig at Nosturi's Puurojuhla at 20th December 2008. The night will open with United Underworld and Dark Filth Fraternity.

The venue is Nosturi, Telakkakatu 8, Helsinki, Finland


9 Dec 2008

"Sa7urnus" tour dates released!

Blake will start touring soon, here are the dates for "Sa7urnus" tour in Finland, winter 2009:

  • Wed 14/1/09 Klubi Turku
  • Thu 15/1/09 Tavastia Helsinki
  • Fri 16/1/09 Kellari Joensuu
  • Wed 21/1/09 Klubi Tampere
  • Sat 31/1/09 Hullu Poro Areena Levi
  • Wed 11/2/09 Henry's Pub Kuopio
  • Thu 12/2/09 Lutakko Jyväskylä
  • Fri 27/2/09 Woodoo Imatra
  • Sat 28/2/09 Donington Rock Club Kouvola Cancelled!

Additions and cancellations possible, if not probable. Check the latest information from Live Nation!

4 Dec 2008

New video "More I Live"

Also available as Youtube video

27 Nov 2008

Merchandise opened!

This is one way dealing: Click yourself to verkkopaita.com and start leading the new way with Blake's zip hoody or T-shirt. For ladys we'll offer an eye-gatching option, the "Freeride Sister"girly T- shirt!

22 Nov 2008

New forum opened for the discussion about Blake!

We are happy to announce that there is a brand new forum opened for all kinds of chat and discussion about Blake. At the moment there are four different forums to pick:
"SA7URNUS" - Talk about Blakes new album
"GIGS" - Talk about past and upcoming gigs
"GENERAL CHAT" - Chat about anything you want...
" NEWS"- Announcements and news about BLAKE

The link is http://p1.foorumi.info/blake/ and there is a straigh link "Forum" to click from the sidebar also!

20 Nov 2008

Blake's Aaro and Sami visited SubTV's "Rokkikorjaamo"

Mr Aaro Seppovaara and Sami Hassinen from Blake visited the SubTV's interactive music show "Rokkikorjaamo" at Tuesday 25th November. In addition to lively talk about the newest album "Sa7urnus", the audience also testified the worldwide premier of Blake's newest video "More I live"!

The show is now available as webcasted in case you missed the original date. All interviews are in Finnish but the video will start round 4'30''