20 Nov 2008

Blake's Aaro and Sami visited SubTV's "Rokkikorjaamo"

Mr Aaro Seppovaara and Sami Hassinen from Blake visited the SubTV's interactive music show "Rokkikorjaamo" at Tuesday 25th November. In addition to lively talk about the newest album "Sa7urnus", the audience also testified the worldwide premier of Blake's newest video "More I live"!

The show is now available as webcasted in case you missed the original date. All interviews are in Finnish but the video will start round 4'30''


  1. Leppoisia kuuliopäitähän siellä.
    Hyvä video!
    Pauno Hyvinkäältä

  2. ne juontajat vaan kun on niin helvetin syvältä..