26 Oct 2008

The new album "Sa7urnus" will be released on November 12th 2008!

Stay Heavy Records will release upcoming BLAKE album “Sa7urnus” at 12th November. "Sa7urnus" is an album having a strong theme built around the evil. The album's name derives from the old legend that the planet Saturn is the devil's nest. The release dates for Scandinavia, Europe and to the rest of the world will be announced later.

The track listing for the Sa7urnus:
  1. Spirit of Cain
  2. More I live
  3. Outsider
  4. Live to Die
  5. Ghost of Tomorrow
  6. Bringer of Insanity
  7. Come Alive
  8. Let Me Be Dead
  9. My Machine
  10. Union-Freeride Sister

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